Baby Products FAQs

When being a new parent can be a very intimidating task, certain common questions come up as parents which are FAQs and can be answered easily

  1. Is the products I am using in any way harmful to my baby ?

Ans. Read the product label carefully also going through the fine print, the label generally provides all the info like ingredients used, sourcing and manufacturing of the product.

Ans. Look for natural ingredients in the products specially in skin care products.

Ans. Consult a pediatrician for any allergies and intolerances for your baby.

  1. How can I be sure of the product’s claim ?

Ans. Look for assured quality certifications from reputed organizations like CPC ( Children’s Product Certificate) or MADE SAFE which certifies that the product is ‘made from safe ingredients’  etc. these certifications enhances the products trustworthiness.

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